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11 Reasons Why Having a True Friend is the Best Thing Ever

I like to believe that there are four vital kinds of people in our lives. They play the most important roles in our lives. They are inseparable.
Yourself: Yep, you are your own favorite person first, everybody else follows. Your Parents: Like them or hate them, they are influential. Your Romantic Part…

9 Things You Should do When Life is Nothing Like You Expected

Life seems unfair.

There are days when I wonder why I was even born; I feel like I don’t have any purpose in life, it’s just going on.
We all are in the constant race of achieving one thing after another, and there is so much competition in every field that it makes things even harder. No matter what…

How Daydreaming can be Good for You

I daydream. A lot. I love imagining myself in situations that will probably never exist, but I still do it. It makes feel content. It makes me oblivious to the reality and I like it.
Reality sucks - a big time. Nothing goes my way, everything turns out the opposite of what I expect. If it wasn't…

Why is it so Damn Hard to Lose Weight

I'm not obese. I'm just overweight, with pockets of fat here and there. I always try to find new and fun ways to lose weight. But no matter how fun it might be I can't continue with it for more than two weeks! I just get lazy and I'm back to my not so fat but not slim either body.

How Overthinking Destroys Everything

I've always had self-esteem issues. I always put too much emphasis on other people's perception about me. And that was the main cause of this awful habit of mine- OVERTHINKING.
It made me a 'people pleaser'. I always went out my way to do things for other people even if I had no good…

What To Do When You Expect Too Much

All my life I have been a shy girl. Though I have made attempts to come out of my shell but the attempts were futile.

I always wanted to be popular- wondered what would it be like to get so much attention and to be recognized.
But I never seemed to have that quality to attract attention. I've al…

When you feel lost

I often end up googling all my problems and shitty situations that I face on a daily basis.

A simple sentence gets me thousands of opinions, answers, and articles on how to face them. This gives me a sense of calm that there are other people like me out there who go through the same emotions. I keep…