Welcome to Hopes Up.

This blog is about being optimistic and shares ways to deal with unpleasant situations in life.
My name is Jigeesha and I'm from India. I’m an introvert, so this blog serves the perfect way for me to interact with other people.

I let my thoughts out freely without being intimidated. I share my tips to handle unpleasant situations in life and I speak from my experience. The motive behind this blog is to help all the other lovely people out there who have felt the same way.
You will find realistic approaches in my posts that anyone can follow and relate to easily. It’s a little endeavor to help people who feel lost and need some encouragement.

Does your life feel messy? Uncomplicate it. Get a fresh perspective. 
Join me on this journey to happiness and optimism.

I’d love any feedback, suggestion or comment from you. Your inputs are of utmost importance to me. 

Be happy and always keep your hopes up!