Why is it so Damn Hard to Lose Weight

why is it so hard to lose weight
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I'm not obese. I'm just overweight, with pockets of fat here and there. I always try to find new and fun ways to lose weight. But no matter how fun it might be I can't continue with it for more than two weeks! I just get lazy and I'm back to my not so fat but not slim either body.

Whenever I exercise and eat right for a few days it goes either of two ways-
1: I get demotivated that I didn't even get an inch slimmer in those few days so why even try;

2: I suddenly feel super light, healthy and think of myself as the fittest person around and so I stop exercising- because apparently, my mind tells me I don't need it.

And then there is my mom to whom I apparently appear malnourished. I never get how our moms always think we're getting thinner when we're actually getting fatter every day. 

So my mom feeds me a lot. And I mean A LOT. Her 'small' portion is by no chance anywhere near to small. I spend a lot of time researching online about losing weight. Watched almost every video on YouTube there is about losing weight and exercises. It's all about the calorie equation. The number of calories going out should be more than calories going in. So no matter how much I exercise I could never reach the balanced equation.
It's all seems messed up and frustrating.
Why is getting healthy so hard?

Still, I shall not give up.
That's the point - no matter how hopeless it will be - just hang on. I know I will get through.
I daydream about my flawless body all the time. I wonder when will that dream will ever come true.

I'm sure many of you feel the same way. What's your weight loss story? What worked for you? Share with me in the comments below.


  1. I completely know what it feels like.

  2. I know! The struggle is never ending.

  3. Hi Jas I completely understand your struggle. Weight loss has been a frequent challenge for me throughout the years (and still is!). However, it is like you said: calories in versus calories out. I would recommend two things: 1) calculate the exact amount of calories you should consume at your current weight and 2) invest in a food scale to monitor how much food you're consuming. If you look at weight loss at a numbers game, it's easy to know what you're doing right or wrong. I wish you the best on your weight loss journey!

    1. You're right! It's a calorie game. I will definitely work upon your tips. Thank you so much for this insightful comment, I look forward to interacting with you more.

  4. It's unfortunate but true that in our society, being thin is equated with being beautiful, without regard for one's physical or mental well-being, level of fitness, strength, happiness, or any other quality that should be a defining characteristic of beauty. It's also true—and sad—that this is nothing new. Ancient peoples also had the belief that goodness is correlated with beauty. In simpler terms, what is beautiful is good. The ancient Greek phrase kalokagathia, which comes from kalos kagathos, describes beauty as being good, noble, and virtuous. In terms of evolution, symmetry, attractiveness, and appropriate proportions were associated with health, fertility, and a higher likelihood of producing healthy progeny and surviving.


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