9 Things You Should do When Life is Nothing Like You Expected

things you should do when life is nothing like you imagined

We all are in the constant race of achieving one thing after another, and there is so much competition in every field that it makes things even harder. No matter what you do, you feel like you can never catch up. There is always someone who is one step ahead of you.

Add to that, the comparison on social media. It’s like a perennial contest where everybody shows off their life. Who has it better- house, car, phone, exotic holidays, and the list goes on.

We always think our lives would get better if we have all the things we wish for. But who can guarantee that having everything we want will ensure a happy life? We could possibly never escape troubles. Problematic situations can pop up in any form.

The vital point is how we gather the courage to face them.

The following list is a little guide to help you deal with the unpleasant situations in your life:

1. Stop comparing your life to others. 

Count your blessings. Sounds cliché but works. Maintain a gratitude journal. Write about 5 things each day that you’re grateful for. It could be literally anything, no matter how silly it might seem, e.g. it could be that milkshake you had or that amazing shower you took, just keep writing. 

Sometimes you may feel that you’re running out of things to be grateful for, but keep looking around and you’ll find always find something. Over time this process will become a habit and you will always look out for things that make you happy and the negative factors will not bother you.

2. Don’t think too much. 

When we find ourselves in unpleasant situations our mind tends to snowball the bad feelings and we end up thinking about all the past negative experiences in our lives making us even sadder. So when you feel that your life is not worth anything- STOP thinking. 

Distract yourself immediately. Do anything except thinking about your problems. Don’t worry about the consequences and for a moment forget that you even have a problem in the first place. Sometimes not doing anything in a difficult situation is the best solution.

3. Believe. 

Have faith in yourself. Tell yourself that you will get through even the shittiest situations because you will. No problem will last forever. You just need to hang on. Believe there is good in this world no matter how hopeless you might feel.

4. Get a makeover. 

Look good. That wouldn’t necessarily solve all your problems but at least when you look good and you feel good about yourself, you will become more confident. And this confidence is essential in getting a grip on your life and working on bettering your situation. 

Also, when you feel good about yourself, the positive vibes from you will attract other positive people towards you.

5. Have fun with your friends. 

Some of the best times of your life would undoubtedly include the time you spent with your friends. Get in touch with all of your friends or maybe just one best friend, it doesn’t matter. Just go out there and do something that you normally wouldn’t do. Get crazy and for once don’t think about anything else and enjoy that moment.

6. Stay in touch with your parents. 

Parents seem annoying sometimes. They constantly nudge you to study, do chores, etc and that often bothers you. But they are ones who will unconditionally support you in any situation. 

And sometimes you get so worked up that their unconditional love might also feel annoying and bothersome. However, you must always remember your roots - you will always have them when you are left with nothing.

7. Do things that you enjoy. 

We get so busy in our lives in order to achieve the best things that we don’t even make time to properly enjoy the benefits of the things we have earned.

Take out some time to avail of the little joys in life. Focus on your hobbies and learning new skills. Constantly bettering yourself gives you more confidence and makes you happier.

8. Let your anger out. 

Scream, punch, cry, rant- we all have different ways to let our anger out. Whatever be your mode of venting, the important thing is to let all the anger and frustration out of your system so as to start the next day with a clean slate. Don’t bury your feelings inside yourself, let it all out. Free yourself.

9. Dance. 

Groove to your favorite music and let go of all the inhibitions you have. Make it a habit to dance every day. It frees your mind of a long day’s junk and has added health benefits too.

Never allow yourself to get mad over one particular negative experience. No doubt you will face a lot of unpleasant situations in your life that will make you go crazy but the important thing to do is to focus on yourself.

Invest most of your time in improving yourself, inculcate healthy habits and soon you will find that you don’t even need to compare your life with anyone else because you are so happy with your own life and you have filled out any voids you had that were making you unhappy.