When you feel lost

I often end up googling all my problems and shitty situations that I face on a daily basis.

A simple sentence gets me thousands of opinions, answers, and articles on how to face them. This gives me a sense of calm that there are other people like me out there who go through the same emotions. I keep screenshots of those posts and refer to them whenever I feel low. They help me to get through the day.

But as time goes by, I'm presented with even more shitty situations and I end up feeling like a loser.

And yet again I turn to google for answers - Feel, Google, Whine-Repeat.

when you feel lost

Everybody says there is good in everything. I too try to be optimistic but I just feel so hopeless sometimes.

I feel miserable.

I feel like I'm stranded in a pitch black dark room unable to move or do anything else and I have no scope in this competitive world.

Everyone and everything around me makes me feel miserable all the time. I can't escape this feeling. I feel like a nobody who has no skills, no talent whatsoever-it feels like everybody is moving ahead except me.

They say everybody is special and yet I'm here lost and confused desperately trying to decipher the meaning of my existence!

But I'm trying to be optimistic. I once read somewhere that you are what you believe.

I believe that I will be content.

The key is to have faith.

I have started writing a gratitude journal so that I'm constantly reminded of the blessings I have in my life.

I want to get through this phrase and that's why I've started this blog to record my journey and help others who are going through the same.

Feel free to share your story and any inputs you have on dealing with 'crappy' situations that actually work.


  1. Alright.
    I am a adolescent/teen and I feel kinda lost in the world. For one thing, even though the way I may portray myself, or how I feel, I am not emo nor goth. Despite the way I may word things or dramatize things.
    I lived in another state before this passing school year, in the city. I started making friends in the city, a love interest. I don't know how to explain this to perfection but here I go, I started feeling like people wanted to be around me, like I became like able in others eyes and they wanted to hang with me. That never happened before, certainly not happening now. It was always the other way around you know? I would chase down my acquaintances, what I would consider my friends, and I would ask them. NEVER the other way.
    And, I have to admit, those acquaintances were just that. Not friends, they were people you could chat with every other day, maybe pass a joke. Nothing more. But as I mentioned, I started making friends.

    And then, I moved.
    And that was pretty shitty for me.
    Starting from scratch, from NOTHING.
    Guess where I moved though? From the city, all the way to the country.
    Making new friends, or "friends" is hard for a introvert.
    For the first few days of school I felt like I was a sight sore in a sea of beauty, if you understand my drift. I didn't make friends at first. I used to live in the city, I had different taste than most of the people there at my new school and my opinions to them, were very controversial and I wasn't allowed to speak them.
    But I made a few friends eventually, they are okay and I enjoy their company.
    But to me, my old friends, the ones I have bonded with on fun, sad, exciting experiences. To me my new friends, can't compare in size to the old ones. I feel bad for saying that to, because the friends I have now, right here in the same small town, I love them. But I couldn't even explain how much joy the old ones have given me, but then again the new ones have done just that as well. I think it's a matter of me not liking change. I hate it, especially on the level I had to experience it through.

    I think it's safe to say that all of that before, all that was written, was some weak shit and I shouldn't even be complaining about my situation. Well this is the "Lost" conversation right? Well listen up.

    I feel as if people just hate me. I don't understand why though. The people I love and hangout with, this is very sentimental to me, maybe not to you, but to me it matters, whenever I have a gathering, party, group-up, celebration, etc. And I invite my friends and such, nobody ever comes to them, just the other day I was planning a roller skating little group up, you know hang out with your friends and just go rollerskating? Yeah. Just that. But everyone I invited turned me down and said they were busy. And no big deal right? Except it's been like this for everything I have tried to do. Every little party, meeting, etc. Everything. And that hurts a little, I start to think if I am the problem, or if they just pretend to like me. Idk.
    I am ending this little edgy teen soap opera here.
    Everything I wrote happened and is true. This may have been nothing to you, but I take all of this to soul, and I get very emotional very easily. So to me, I feel like I am leading a shit life. To you I may be a very pampered boy born with a silver spoon. Whatever, out.

    1. I do understand and relate you situation, being an introvert myself who had to move and change schools a lot. And it's certainly not easy to make new friends at a new place.
      People would say it's not a big deal, but it was to me as it is to you as well.
      I really hope things turn out better for you and you face less shitty situations.
      Good luck.


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