How Overthinking Destroys Everything

how overthinking destroys everything

I've always had self-esteem issues. I always put too much emphasis on other people's perception of me. And that was the main cause of this awful habit of mine- OVERTHINKING.
It made me a 'people pleaser'. I always went out my way to do things for other people even if I had no good coming out it for myself. 

Overthinking blocks your mind. It keeps inflicting negative thoughts in your brain. It makes you paranoid. If a thought gets stuck in your head, you replay it in your several times till it makes no sense. It's a weird process.

 Then you forget about it eventually. You tell yourself that you will never make a deal about a petty thing ever again. But as some time passes by and yet again you find yourself in a vicious cycle of overthinking. It goes on.

You take every little bit of every conversation you have with a certain individual very seriously. You analyze every word and try to find a hidden meaning- What do they actually mean, are they judging me, what are they not saying, and the list goes on. And when you fail to reach any conclusion, which is obvious as there will be a limit to the facts you have with you to assess the situation minutely, you become paranoid.

 It's all in your head. Your friends always become the recipient of the constant trend of your weirdness. You feel grateful that you have such forgiving friends!

And then one day you come to the realization that you will need to get rid of this habit because it is getting the better of you. You think about all those times when you could not have overthought a particular issue and how things would have been different. Then you overthink about not overthinking - how to consciously stop doing it. But there you are doing it all over again!

It seems to have become an inevitable part of your life. You can't get of rid of it suddenly. It's a process, a very long, hard process and sometimes you will feel like giving up but you need to hang on. 
Make small changes. 
Tell yourself that you don't need other people's approval to do things.