How Daydreaming can be Good for You

how daydreaming can be good for you
Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash
When you believe reality sucks, imagining yourself in situations (that will probably never exist) feels good. It makes you feel weirdly happy. It makes you oblivious to the reality and you like it.

It's really easy to feel hurt and hopeless when things don't go your way, and imagining yourself in better situations makes you feel good even if it is only a temporary feeling. You know your daydreams probably will never happen in real life but just thinking about a good outcome makes you feel positive and gives you some hope to deal with the crappy situations in your life.

Some people might argue that why would you waste your time imagining something that will probably never happen instead of actually doing something to achieve your desired goals.

But when you feel low and have no motivation to do anything you would need to put things into perspective first, and in my opinion, daydreaming is a weird but effective way to do that. 

You imagine yourself as a powerful figure, being able to do absolutely anything you want to. Be it nailing an amazing speech in front of a big crowd, kissing your crush, earning a lot of money and splurging on your favorite items; it can be literally anything you want.

You become the star of your life.
 Well, at least in your head.

And that's precisely the starting point to achieve your desired goals. You actually can do anything if you put your mind to it. I know you've probably heard this line a gazillion times, and you would think that's just easy to say but difficult to achieve.

But I believe it's better to think you can achieve anything you want to rather than just whining about life and thinking negative thoughts. You might not realize it right away but positive thoughts and the positive self-image will drive you forward.

By imagining yourself in better situations, you become open to experimenting more and expanding your horizons. 

Earlier I just used to daydream about the things I wanted to do but didn't have the courage to actually do it. But when I put myself out there, started setting mini goals and worked on them, things appeared less scary.

Believe me, take the first step and in no time you will actually be able to do things you have always imagined yourself doing. You will not have to deal with a sense of regret anymore- that you could have done things differently when you were in that situation. 

Take control of your life. It's not easy to do so but you have got to start somewhere.