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What’s The Point Of Comparing Yourself To Others?

More often than not, we end up focusing on the things we don't have and become envious of the people who seem to be in a better position than us. 

On the outside, it might seem that people who have better things than us are happier and more content than us, but the fact is that everyone feels inadequate in some way.

We are all different yet the same.

No matter what you do or achieve, there will always be a desire to become better. That's human nature. Everybody feels that way, irrespective of who they are or what they do. 

Remember the last time you wanted something really badly, and you actually got it? I'm sure you must have been really happy and excited for a while but then moved on to something else. The thought of acquiring something new is more exciting than actually getting it.

It's the same with comparing yourself to others and hoping to achieve everything the other person has. Let's say you actually get everything you wished for. 

You will probably be happy for …

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How To Be Okay With Not Being Liked By Everyone

For some people, it is hard to deal with the fact that not everyone is going to like them. While it is understandable that you would want to maintain a cordial relationship with the people in your life, but stressing about being liked by every person you meet is not healthy.

You think even if one p…

4 Realizations To Help You Stop Feeling Guilty For Taking Breaks

Sometimes you become so focused on achieving a particular goal that you feel doing anything else during that period is wasting time. You can’t even think of taking a break without feeling guilty.

Taking a break makes you feel guilty because,

- You think you are wasting time and you could do more wor…

Start a Chain Reaction: From Belief to Desired Results

A lot of times self- doubt and feelings of uncertainty take over you. In those moments, a positive and firm belief makes you strive ahead, despite any such apprehensions that you might have about your abilities.

Believing in yourself and your potential means seeing the positives in every situation …

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Memes

Memes have become an important and inextricable part of the internet experience. 

They are funny, relatable and relevant. You can find a meme for almost any situation in your life. They are compact, easy to understand and deliver an idea pretty quickly. 

Some memes are highly amusing, others not so m…

5 Reasons Why You Should Overcome Self-Doubt

To achieve any of your goals, you need to be really determined and consistently put in your best efforts in your journey.

Overcoming self-doubt is crucial in this process. There will be a lot of times when you will face obstacles in your way. If you keep doubting yourself, you will not be able to de…

Let Your Future Self Help You

Whenever you feel too overwhelmed by the unpleasant situations in your life or feel stuck and demotivated, try to think about your future self - the version of you that is more experienced, more focused and more accomplished than the present you.
Imagining your future self, who is everything you hav…

When You Can’t Believe Anything Good Can Happen To You

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the negative experiences in our life, that it becomes difficult for us to believe that there is more to life than these unpleasant moments.

Continuously thinking about such moments takes away the sparkle from your life and all you are left with is hopelessness. Y…

4 Realizations to Help You Stop Expecting Too Much From Others

It can be difficult to cope when you feel let down by others. It is an unpleasant feeling. 

You might feel that people around you don't like you enough to care and know what you expect from them. You feel like they don't bother to get to know you better. You end up feeling let down by them. 

The Journey of a Blog Post - From Raw Thought to Wonderful Creation

Just type in a few words of your interest in the search bar and boom! 
Millions of blog posts are at your service to guide you, entertain you and provide solutions to help you get through any problems that you might have.

Blog posts can help you learn new things, motivate you through a tough situatio…