11 Reasons Why Having a True Friend is the Best Thing Ever

11 Reasons Why Having a True Friend is the Best Thing Ever

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
Human beings have the inherent ability to be cordial to others and befriend them. We meet new people through school, college, workplace and we make new friends.

We make friends on Facebook and on other social media platforms. Lots of them- hundreds and even thousands.
How many do we talk to on a daily basis? Five tops?

Obviously, you don’t need to talk to so many people, i.e., your friends or the better term would be acquaintances. 
You talk to a few of them occasionally or maybe just like or comment on their pictures. You don’t necessarily hold a special place in their life or add value to their life and vice versa.
And that’ just fine. Managing relationships is any way tough, and you possibly couldn’t have a notable relationship with so many people.
Excluding the acquaintances, you still happen to know so many people that you consider your friends.
There are two categories of friends that you have.

Group A:  The troop.

People who seem cool to you and vice versa.
You hang out with them, share pretty group pictures on Instagram and Snapchat. You like them because you share common interests. And that’s about it.
Majority of these friends only call you when they need something. You do cherish your friendship with them but can’t exactly always rely on them.

Group B:  The best friends.

They’re probably part of your big group of friends (or not) but you like them more. You’re closer. You consider them your true friend.
They care about you. They don’t sugar-coat anything because they do not want something in return.
Sometimes, you meet people who are so similar to you that you feel this instant connection with them. You don’t even need to try to do anything to be their friend because you automatically get drawn towards them.
These are the people with whom you’ll maintain a lifelong relationship. The dramatic changes, the ups and down in your life will never affect your relationship with them.
Below are a few reasons to appreciate your friendship with your 'true friend' even more:
1.    Their encouragement pushes you to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t have the guts to do. You believe in them. You trust them.
2.    You can get crazy with them. You don’t shy away from being gross or doing embarrassing stuff with them. In fact, you enjoy being gross and unapologetic when you’re with them.
3.  They help you grow and they always stand by you.
4.    You don’t hide anything from them. You can talk to them about anything without the fear of being judged. You open up to them because you know that they will support you unconditionally.
5.    You become so close to them, that if you come across something new or unusual or witness anything exciting, you think about telling them first.
6.    You love them because they are always available to hang out.
7.    They know what you’re thinking before you even say the next sentence.
8.    Their hurtful comments don’t even hurt you. In fact, you’re more likely to take criticisms constructively if it’s coming from them.
9.  You always have a good laugh with them and there is no end to the inside jokes that you share with them. You feel comfortable with them at all times.
10.  They will stop you from getting into trouble because they know you inside out. They’re aware of what you can or cannot do.
11. They make you feel good about yourself. They make feel worthy. They always motivate you.

So go out there and let your true friend know how much they mean to you.

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