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Letting Go Of Past Screw Ups is Not Easy. But You Need To Do It. Here’s Why.

There are certain screw-ups in our lives that we just can’t simply forget. They pop up in our head every now and then, reminding us of our worst days. And it isn’t always just that one thought; it starts a chain, reminding us of every mistake we have done in our life. They ruin our mood and make us …

Are You Genuinely SORRY When You Say ‘Sorry’?

We make mistakes.
We apologize.
We say sorry.

Sorry means feeling regret, feeling disappointed with something you have done that hurt another person.

However, nowadays we say sorry so frequently that it doesn’t even evoke the feeling of regret anymore. It has become more like a formality than an actua…

When Your Parents Say No To Everything

“I’m sorry I can’t come, my mom said No.”
“Oh, I can’t stay longer. I have to get back home by 7.”
“I can’t wear that, my parents won’t allow me.”
“I can’t make the trip, my parents didn’t give me permission.”
“I can’t even think of getting a tattoo, my mom would kill me.”
If you tend to use these expre…

10 Things a New Blogger Will Relate To

Blogging as a beginner can feel overwhelming at times, as you need to learn and understand so many new blogging related concepts and process so much information all at once. Blogging changes your perspective and lifestyle. You change a few habits as well; like instead of watching online TV series i…

The Recipe For Being Self-Content

Since childhood, we become part of this never-ending race of achieving things in life. Better grades, excelling in extracurricular activities, getting into a great college and so on. By the time we become adults, our expectations pile up, our demands and urge to own more things keep on increasing.