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Everyone Is Beautiful But NOT Everyone Is Good Looking

Knowingly or unknowingly we often end up putting too much emphasis on beauty in the context of good looks.
Being beautiful is not the same as being good looking. Being beautiful has a much deeper meaning than just having an attractive face.
We all know this. 
But we just can’t seem to apply it in our lives. The term ‘Beautiful’ should be used for the goodness in someone, their genuine character, and positive thinking. Our thoughts make us who we are. No matter how anyone looks like, it should not be a criterion to judge a person.

Our facial features, hair, teeth, and even body type isn’t in our control; it’s all genetics. We look the way we look. Nothing is going to change that (unless you take drastic measures like surgery, which is not advisable).

We are born with the face we have and it’s going to be like that for the rest of our lives. Although we can enhance our facial features, groom it, but we can’t entirely change it. And THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO.

It's certainly no…

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