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When Your Parents Say No To Everything

“I’m sorry I can’t come, my mom said No.”
“Oh I can’t stay longer. I have to get back home by 7.”
“I can’t wear that, my parents won’t allow me.”
“I can’t make the trip, my parents didn’t give me permission.”
“I can’t even think of getting a tattoo, my mom would kill me.”
If you tend to use these expressions very often, I feel you. Growing up with strict parents is no picnic. You have to follow all kinds of weird rules and live by curfews. You don’t get to do just anything you feel like. Convincing your parents to let you do what you want, is a major task to accomplish.

You spend a good amount of time in building up courage to ask them and practicing in your head, how you are going to do it. But despite all the preparation, you get only one syllable answer NO

GIF source You get to the point where you don’t even bother asking them for permission because you already know the answer. No. Nah. Nope. Never. No way. You feel frustrated. You always already know that they won’t allow you, so you lo…

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