5 Things That Happen When You Embrace Being Wrong

5 Things That Happen When You Embrace Being Wrong
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Being wrong feels embarrassing

As opposed to being right, which makes us feel accomplished, worthy and confident, being wrong feels bad, and humiliating. But it doesn't have to be that way. Being wrong at times can actually help you in becoming a better version of yourself. 

When you treat your mistakes with the proper approach, when you are not so rigid and adamant about always being right, it can actually be an enriching learning experience. 

Here are the 5 things that happen when you are open to being wrong.

1. You become a better listener. 

When you embrace being wrong, you become more interested in learning about other people's opinions, experiences, and valuable insights. 

You are open to looking beyond your values and perspectives, and you are more eager to give a chance to the other person to speak their mind, without any judgments. 

Also, when you listen to someone with complete sincerity, it makes them feel valued

You acknowledge the fact that what the other person is saying is worth paying attention to, and that every person has something valuable to share, even if their opinions are different from yours. 

As a result, you improve your conversations which in turn allows you to improve your relationships with the people around you.

2. You relate to other people better.

By embracing wrongness, you become more accepting of other people's opinions. 

You don't unnecessarily spend your time vehemently justifying that your point of view is absolutely right. Instead, you try to see things in a different light and get better at understanding people.

When you are okay with being wrong, you learn to respect views and opinions that are different from yours. You allow yourself to understand their point of view, the reasons behind the development of such a point of view. 

When you understand their viewpoints and where they are coming from, it becomes a lot easier for you to relate to them in a better way. 

3. You become humbler.

Accepting the fact that you can be wrong at times keeps you grounded and helps you in remembering that we are all trying to become better than we were yesterday. 

Even when you realize you are wrong, you take it in a positive way and work on improving yourself further. 

You acknowledge the fact that everyone is trying to improve themselves and everyone ends up making a few mistakes in this process. 

So you don't disrespect anyone when you think they are wrong, because you understand that you can be wrong as well. 

4. You start seeing things differently. 

Making mistakes allows you to gain new perspectives. You become better at considering many different ways to approach a particular situation. 

When you are open to being wrong, you learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You don't shy away from taking risks due to the fear of being wrong. 

You broaden your horizon and become more aware of everything going around you. 

As a result, you become more flexible in embracing new ideas and perceptions, and you become more eager to learn about different possibilities. 

Being able to explore something beyond your pre-conceived notions is a liberating feeling. 

5. You don't get offended by an opinion which is different from yours. 

When you are not so hell-bent on being right all the time, you don't feel offended by a different point of view and try to change it.

You understand that people go through different experiences, see the world in their own unique way and contrasting beliefs and opinions(put forward in a respectful way of course), shouldn't be a reason to get angry and feel offended. 

Sometimes being wrong can give you more happiness and satisfaction than being right. 

Discovering new possibilities, being open to positive change and admitting your mistakes makes you wiser and helps you to grow as a person.

How do you think a person can deal with being wrong and learn from their mistakes? 

Share your thoughts with me in the comments below. 

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  1. What, you mean it's not all about me?! Haha! I definitely needed number 1! It's not easy for me to put myself aside, and truly listen to someone else, especially when I know I am wrong. I want to be heard, but this post has helped me to see that there is great value in putting aside my feelings for a minute, and the need to justify myself. I don't have to be right, all of the time. Thank you!!

    1. Haha. I get you. It's hard to deal with the "itch" to prove someone that you are right or admit that you could be wrong. Developing a more open-minded approach to life certainly helps you to see things more objectively. It's okay if you are not right all the time!


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