What’s The Point Of Comparing Yourself To Others?

What’s The Point Of Comparing Yourself To Others?

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash
More often than not, we end up focusing on the things we don't have and become envious of the people who seem to be in a better position than us. 

On the outside, it might seem that people who have better things than us are happier and more content than us, but the fact is that everyone feels inadequate in some way.

We are all different yet the same.

No matter what you do or achieve, there will always be a desire to become better. That's human nature. Everybody feels that way, irrespective of who they are or what they do. 

Remember the last time you wanted something really badly, and you actually got it? I'm sure you must have been really happy and excited for a while but then moved on to something else. The thought of acquiring something new is more exciting than actually getting it.

It's the same with comparing yourself to others and hoping to achieve everything the other person has. Let's say you actually get everything you wished for. 

You will probably be happy for a while and then start comparing yourself to another person who has it better than you. You will then keep comparing yourself continuously and end up being miserable. 

Why waste your time trying to be somebody else? 

Accept the fact that no one can have it all and be happy all the time. Happiness is fleeting. Every experience has both positive and negative aspects. 

What really keeps you moving?

You'd be more driven to achieve your end goals when you truly believe in the value that it will bring to your life. 

Comparing yourself to others and making goals based on those comparisons can never make you happier. If you keep doing that, you will deviate from what you truly enjoy and end up feeling empty. 

Achieving any goal requires a lot of effort, time and perseverance. Also, you won't feel motivated all the time, you will probably fail sometimes, stumble and feel hopeless. The journey is hard. 

Do you really want to make it more difficult by adding the unnecessary comparison to the mix? Comparing yourself to others makes you more restless, demotivates you and makes you feel worthless no matter what you do. 

Figure out what is it that you really want in your life without comparing yourself to anyone else. By doing so, you will actually enjoy the process of working towards achieving your goals because you won't be scrutinizing yourself at every step of the way for being less "successful" than the people around you.

You will be able to strive ahead because you know you are improving yourself and doing everything in your control. 

It's certainly not easy to suddenly stop comparing yourself to others, and due to the presence of social media, it's even more difficult to get rid of this habit. 

However, this realization that everybody is always seeking something more can actually help you to ground yourself - even if you get everything you want, you'd still hope for more. 

So instead of continuously desiring to be somebody else and perpetuating the cycle of comparison, you should focus on yourself and improve steadily.

Appreciating your progress towards your goals is what will give you joy and motivate you further.

What do you think? How can one minimize comparison and focus on themselves better? 

Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.


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