The Journey of a Blog Post - From Raw Thought to Wonderful Creation

The Journey of a Blog Post - From Raw Thought to Wonderful Creation

Just type in a few words of your interest in the search bar and boom! 
Millions of blog posts are at your service to guide you, entertain you and provide solutions to help you get through any problems that you might have.

Blog posts can help you learn new things, motivate you through a tough situation, and give you multiple solutions to any particular query.

There are so many bloggers out there doing a great job of sharing their experiences and their valuable knowledge in a concise form, i.e, a blog post.

They put in a lot of work into each blog post; spending long hours, doing a lot of research and continuously working on improving their skills to build a quality post and share their knowledge with other people.

Each blog post is meticulously prepared, with a lot of attention to the details and keeping the audience's needs in mind, all with the motive of helping them to find a solution to their problems. 

It all starts with a thought. 
A simple thought that is derived from a personal experience or from the blogger's surroundings, be it from their everyday life, movies, books or the internet. 

A thought that has the potential to improve so many lives and make people learn and grow. 

It is then passed into the mixer. More useful information, more ideas, along with few stories and anecdotes of personal experiences are added to the mixer. 

All of the materials are blended nicely to produce a concoction. 

This concoction makes for the base of the blog post, a.k.a the first draft. The first draft is merely the mixture of all the thoughts, ideas and information the blogger has accumulated roughly to prepare the foundation for the blog post. 

This concoction is then transferred to the blog post refinerator. It sifts out the unnecessary and irrelevant items to give a nice structure and flow to the blog post. It transforms the messy concoction into a nice readable content. 

The content is refined to make sure that it is true to the original thought and provides the necessary solutions to the queries of the audience.

The content then goes to the copyediting station and is processed thoroughly. 
This station gets rid of any grammatical mistakes, spelling or punctuation errors

Grammar checker tools fine-tune and polish the blog post. Word experts a.k.a the thesaurus and dictionary work their magic and hone the blog post further. 

The content then is transferred to the proofreading station for the final checking of the blog post. 
This is where the quality testing of the blog post occurs. It is made sure that everything is A-okay and up to the standards. 

The blog post is prepared to go to the next stage, which is  

The beautification station, where suitable pictures and videos are added. Bullet points and subheadings are also added to the blog post to make it visually appealing and easier for the audience to read.

Finally, it is passed through the optimization station where all the SEO is done. Alt texts, keywords, and proper tags are added. The work done here ensures that the blog post actually reaches to its audience.

After being processed through the optimization station, you get, 

The finished product - A wonderful blog post; made with hours, sometimes days of hard work, ready to be seen by everyone, helping and changing lives. 

A single post has the ability to reach many people all over the world and inspire them at the same time. Blogs help people to find solutions for their problems. Valuable personal and professional relationships are also built through blogs. 

Blog posts make people relate to each other and bring them closer. 

It is amazing how something that started as a way of journaling personal life online has become such a vital part of the internet experience. As you read this, there are probably millions of blog posts being written, with the aim to continue helping, inspiring and enriching people all over the world.

What do you think? How have blogs helped you? 

Share with me in the comments below.


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  1. Great step-by-step description! I appreciate how you broke the process down, it really is a lot of work, and a labor of love,

    1. It is indeed! I'm so glad you liked the post Rebecca! Thank you for stopping by.


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