How to Get Back From Square One

How to Get Back From Square One

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Sometimes, your endeavors don’t yield the results you want and you don't achieve your goals in the time frame you estimated.

When things don’t work out the way you expect, you feel like you have achieved nothing out of your hard work. You feel like you are right back to square one.

You become demotivated to try again. You start doubting yourself and you feel like all your efforts have become futile. However, giving up is not an option, you have to pull yourself back up and start again from square one.

But how?

1. Don’t lose hope.

It can be disheartening to witness all your hard work not bearing any fruitful results. But, don’t just give up right then and there. Sometimes, things don’t work out as you expect, but that’s just how life is.

Become more resilient and don’t let any obstacle stop you from achieving your goals. 

There are endless possibilities for you to discover. You just need to be more hopeful and optimistic to see them and begin again.

2. Track your mistakes and figure out what needs to be done to correct them.

If things didn’t go your way, it could be either due to external factors or your own mistakes. Assess which factors are in your control and which are not. Accordingly, focus on the ones which are under your control and work on them.

Use your old plans and ideas as a reference to understand what you have been doing wrong and why it isn’t working out. Actively work on your weaknesses and inhibitions.

Also, in this process, put your focus on your successes as well, no matter however small or insignificant they might seem.

Acknowledging your successes is equally important as tracking your mistakes as it will give you the boost to propel your journey forward.

3. Schedule each day.

Scheduling and planning are really important to organize your days and get a clear picture of what you should be working on each day. It makes you prioritize all the important tasks and let go of any unnecessary distractions. 

It also helps you to ascertain what your short and long-term goals are and helps you stay focused on them.

Planning each day will make sure that you are always maximizing your productivity and you are utilizing every day effectively which will take you closer to your goals.

Also, making a proper schedule and sticking to it allows you to become more disciplined and work more efficiently.

4. Believe in your abilities.

You might feel like a loser for not getting the results you wanted. You might feel that you don’t have what takes to achieve your goals.

However, remember that if you lose faith in yourself and your abilities, you wouldn't be able to lift yourself out of 'square one'. It is very important that you don't undermine yourself and keep believing in yourself.

Even if you have failed, know that you have become more knowledgeable than before and 
at least now you have the understanding of what is not working and how you can start again, avoiding all the past mistakes.

Begin again with even more zeal and 
enthusiasm than before. 

5. Remind yourself why you started.

Remind yourself why achieving this particular goal is so important to you. Always keep that reason in front of yourself and keep working towards it no matter what.

Believe in your goals and dream so strongly that you are not stopped by any obstacle in your way. Don't succumb to your fear of failure and give up on your end goals so easily.

Be a bad ass. Stay strong and give yourself the assurance that you will achieve all your goals. With consistent efforts and persistence, you will surely reach where you want.

What are thoughts on this topic? How do you think being back at square one changes a person?

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