4 Things That Stop You from Feeling Worthy

4 Things That Stop You from Feeling Worthy
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash It’s a simple thingYou’re not just going to wake up one day and become your best version 'by chance'. 
You will have to start with something, suck at it, make a ton of mistakes and then have a chance of becoming a pro at it. You will have to pick yourself back up after every shortcoming and keep working continuously until you achieve the desired outcomes. 

It's very important that you stop doubting yourself and always remind yourself of your end goals. And, only then you’ll be able to go through this whole journey no matter how hard it might seem.

You will have to make sure that you constantly motivate yourself, respect yourself and make yourself believe that you ARE actually worthy of all the things you wish to acquire. Be your number one fan. It starts with you. 

Whenever you want to solve a problem, you start with the root cause. Similarly, when you feel unworthy and hopeless, you need to work on the actual cause to feel better about yourself. 
Below I have listed 4 such causes that stop you from feeling worthy:

1. Undermining yourself. 

Constantly putting yourself down, automatically assuming everyone is better than you and downplaying your abilities is detrimental to your self-esteem. 

You are not going to achieve your goals by being stuck in the vicious cycle of rumination, complaining, frustration, and guilt of not doing anything.
When your mind is filled with the nonsense of your own criticism, it’s hard to see any scope for improvement because that way you’re only always preoccupied with hatred for yourself. 

Only you are in charge of your happiness. You have to face and work on your insecurities and you have to do it on your own. Whenever you feel down, you have to pick yourself up and challenge yourself to become better than you were yesterday. 

Now, it's good to have 
a high opinion about yourself but not to the point where you might become self-conceited because in the real world a lot of times you don't get expected results no matter how hard you try and if you set your expectations unrealistically high then you’ll end up being disappointed. 

Keep your expectations low but keep working hard to achieve your goals. Stop dwelling on your mistakes and start working on to rectify them. 

2. Not doing anything about your inhibitions.

So you tried something and it didn’t work out. I agree that it's extremely disappointing when you give your best shot at something and you still don’t make it. 

At that moment, instead of dwelling on the negative - Try again. 

Whenever you think you’re not worthy or you're not good at anything or you're not competent or whatever it is you think you’re not, use this feeling to your advantage and push yourself further. 

You will have to make the effort of actively improving yourself, otherwise, you will forever stay in the ‘I'm not worthy’ zone. Put emphasis on your interests and then proceed to master your skills in that area. 

Work on your flaws. If you won’t work on yourself, you’re not going to become successful just like that. You have to keep trying again and again and again. (With better strategies of course)

Stop complaining about how bad things are, or how worthless you are, instead, actually do something about it. 

3. Negative people. 

Stay away from people who negatively influence you. The ones that constantly bring you down, slyly criticise you or make sarcastic remarks at you. 
You don't have to be nice to such undeserving people when it only makes you more miserable in your own skin.
They do not fit anywhere in this whole process of you making yourself feel worthy. 

You have got to find people who support you, help you in your low moments and motivate you to achieve greater things in life.

4. Comparing yourself to others. 

Most of the times we judge our worth by comparing ourselves to other people without actually considering if we are truly happy or not. Focus on your goals and visions, and if you have worked to achieve it, you will feel worthy. 

Everyone has a different story and a different approach to life than you and their end results are obviously going to be different than yours. You have to focus on your life and try to improve yourself. Only then you’ll be able to feel worthy of yourself. 

Everybody has certain weaknesses and apprehensions about themselves. How one treats them makes all the difference. You can actively work on your strengths while tackling your weaknesses or you can keep dwelling on the weaknesses, comparing yourself to others and feel unworthy. 

I have always emphasized this on my blog - Always always always try to become the best version of yourself. No matter what happens in your life, you should always look for ways to improve yourself and never give up. 

I understand it can be frustrating to hear these "positive words" over and over again when you keep reaching dead ends in every endeavor, feeling totally drained and hopeless, but get this - sulking isn’t going to make it any better. You have the responsibility for your life and only you can make it better. Period. 

If you fail once, try harder next time. Keep trying. Giving up is way too easy. Real success lies in always trying your best.

What are your thoughts on this topic? What else do you think stops a person from feeling worthy? 

Share with me in the comments below.


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  1. I love number 3! I’ve had to learn this the hard way, that I’m not going to make everyone happy, and that’s okay. If someone does not want to be my friend, or meet me half-way, then I need to let them go, and find someone who wants to invest their time in building a friendship with me. Great post!!!

    1. I totally get you! Negative people drain you and make you feel miserable. Better to find people who deserve your love and time.

      I'm glad you liked this post Rebecca! Thank you for visiting. :)

    2. Yup number 3 for me too, I regularly have a clean out of the negative people, it is so liberating!.

  2. Comparing yourself to others is one of the big ones that I had to get over. I used to look around at my peers and envy that they were able to establish themselves in jobs or that they didn't have to move so often or even that they didn't have to stay home and raise kids. Ultimately, I realized that I cannot compare my life to any else's.

    Undermining myself has also been something I've struggled with in the past. I think something about having a college education yet choosing to stay home and raise my kids and forgoing the traditional career route had a lot to do with the negative self-talk. I've had to retrain myself to think kinder thoughts about myself.

    1. I completely understand your situation, Lauren. I used to feel the same way as well. Comparing myself to other people and being jealous of others destroyed my self-confidence. Eventually, I realized I'm only hurting myself and I'd rather focus on the positives in my life. It's great that you have come to realize this. Also, I think you have nothing to be insecure about. It's okay if you don't exactly live a cookie cutter life. Happiness comes to you in a lot of different ways. You just gotta believe it. I really hope you are able to think more positively and let go of all your insecurities. Good luck! :)


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