The Best Part of Reminiscing the Good Old Days

The Best Part of Reminiscing the Good Old Days
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A lot of times when I felt sad or low, I used to take a moment and reflect on the times when I was happy and wonder what if I could freeze that happy part in the time and stay in it. The time when everything seemed so good and almost perfect. And when I snapped out of those memories, I would get kinda sad thinking that it is over, those days are in the past and I have to deal with the crappy situations in the present.

But eventually I realized, why do I have to feel sad that it's over? I can't freeze that time, but I can keep those memories alive in my mind, cherish them and use them to keep myself happy.

Reminiscing the good times of your life is a great way to get yourself charged up and improve your mood. Be it through calling or meeting up old friends, going through old pictures or simply sitting silently and recalling past 
pleasant experiences, it's a great way to reconnect with yourself as well as with the people in your life.

Here are 4 reasons why you should take a time-out and reminisce the good old days every once in a while:

1. It gives you hope.

The good old times remind you of the warmth and positivity you have experienced in your life before and makes you realize that it is possible to bring back that positivity again in your life.

When you're feeling hopeless and demotivated and it is hard to notice triggers that motivate you to get back on track, looking back at happy times will help you to feel better and instill hope again.
Embrace the love and hope in those memories and try to infuse it to your present situation.

2. It makes you instantly happy.

Life is full of both good times and bad times. But when you put your focus more on the good times, it reduces the impact of bad times. Just thinking about a good memory can instantly bring out a bright smile on your face.

Always try to focus on the positives in your current situation as well as take the time out to reminisce the good old days as much as possible. They make you happier overall. 

3. It makes you introspect.

Reminiscing good times makes you compare yourself to what you were before and what you are now, bringing you closer to yourself in this process. It helps you reconnect with the goals that you may have overlooked. 

You learn about your changing perceptions regarding the things and people around you and how it has affected you over time. You can use this experience to sift through your current habits and ideas and hold on to the healthy and productive ones only. 

4. It makes you more mindful of the present.

The charm of the good old days motivates you to make the most of the time you have now and work towards creating more happy memories. It’s beneficial to recall pleasant past experiences occasionally while creating new ones so that they keep motivating you.

Apart from taking pictures, journaling is a great way to treasure the happy times you are experiencing now so that the future you can look back and get inspired. Or you can even make a fun video of yourself talking to your future self about whatever happening in your life now and you’ll certainly feel a lot happier when you watch it years later. 

Thinking about good times transports you to a happy space. Keep making happy memories, treasure them and cherish them, for they will always lift you up when you're sad and hopeless.

So, how often do you take a break from your hectic life to reminisce the good old days and bring back some positivity?

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