5 Things To Remember When Someone Is Angry Around You

5 things to remember when someone is angry around you

Everyone loses their temper from time to time. Anger is inevitable, we don’t always agree with the next person, misunderstandings happen and we usually get irked by hiccups that happen in our everyday life and end up in a bad mood. It isn’t always easy to get over that state of mind.

It’s understandable but it’s not a pleasant feeling to deal with. The one who is angry suffers themselves and affects the people around them as well.

It is not easy to deal with people who are angry. Though unknowingly, they affect your mood negatively and hurt your feelings. Then, you need to be the better person and act sensibly.

The list given below will help you to act rationally in situations when you have to deal with an angry person around you.

1.Don’t aggravate the situation.

Don’t react and don’t lose your patience. If you react to them, they will also react in return, making the situation even worse. This can totally be avoided. When someone near you is agitated and acts irrationally, you tend to be affected as well. You might also get irritated by their behavior, get uncomfortable and angry, which would result in you wanting to react aggressively. 

Understand that behaving in such a way will only make everything ten times worse. You need to keep your calm and act responsibly even if the person around you isn’t acting the right way.

2.Don’t be scared of their behavior.

When people are angry, they tend to act in a very aggressive manner and often don’t know what they are doing in that state.
Different people have different ways of reacting when they are angry. Some people lash out violently, shout and throw tantrums, and some resort to crying or some may stop talking to people around them. 
People are not themselves when they are angry. They tend to say things they don’t actually mean. They tend to do things that are highly unlikely and unexpected of them.

Don’t be afraid of them. Remember that they are the people you know and interact with every day. They could be your friends, your parents, your co-workers or loved ones. It can be really scary to witness that version of them. Try your best to hold yourself together and keep your composure in front of them.

3.They have a good side to them as well.

When you see the mean, angry and disturbed version of someone, it can take a bit of time for you to see things normally again. They are just irritated or bothered by something which is causing them to act angrily. You have to remind yourself that they aren’t always this mean and irritable.

People get into their worse form when they are angry. It isn’t always easy to get that image of them out of your mind, but remember that they are the people you know well and are a part of your life. Know that they will eventually come out of this angry and mean zone and return to their normal amiable state.

4.You have to give them space.

Sometimes it’s best to not say anything to the angry person because even the kindest words would not make any impact on their mood. Just give them some time to let out their anger the way they want to and then wait for them to cool down.
They need the time out. Give them time to work through their thoughts and feelings and 
get some perspective.

Like I said before, people are not truly themselves when they are angry, so most of the things you say to them will not make any difference in their mood. In fact, it can backfire and make them even angrier. Allow them to cool down for a moment before talking to them or confronting them about their problems.

5.You can’t make them think like you.

You don’t have control over anyone else except yourself. You might have a certain reaction to a particular situation, and the other person can have a completely opposite reaction to that same situation. So when someone is in an annoyed mood around you, you might not like the way they react in that situation.

Everybody has a certain way of reacting to different unpleasant situations, and some become more aggressive than others. That is just their way of coping with disappointments, frustration, misunderstandings, etc. Sometimes it’s not easy to understand why the other person is reacting in a way you would never behave. There could be a lot of things going in their minds that you can’t guess accurately. They are obviously hurt by something and are not able to think rationally.

Despite all of it, you have to support the people you care about and be there for them. Usually, after the anger episode, most people feel guilty for their behavior, and that is the time when they will need you the most. You will have to support them so that they can forgive themselves and it becomes easier for them to recover and get back to their normal state.

How do you deal with the people around you when they are angry? What goes on your mind when you are faced with such situations?
   Share with me in the comments below. I would love to hear your views on this topic.


  1. What great tips. Thanks for sharing.!

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful. Thank you Kathryn!

  2. When someone is annoyed i tended to stay back and lay low to avoid over-reacting.
    Wonderful tips here.


    1. I agree, over reacting in front of an angry person is only going to make things worse. Thank you for stopping by .

  3. Great tips. Thanks for sharing this.


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