The Only Time You Need To Be Stubborn

the only time you need to be stubborn
Stubborn people are inconsiderate, rigid and unreasonable. They never take other people’s thoughts and feelings into consideration. They think that their word is the ultimate truth. 

When I say the word ‘stubborn’ you probably only tend to think about these characteristics. Stubbornness is usually associated with being inconsiderate, obnoxious and arrogant.

However, it doesn’t always necessarily have to be that way. You can be stubborn about the right things that will have a massive positive impact on you.

You need to be stubborn about fulfilling your daily goals, which will ultimately lead you to achieve your end goals. You will become even more determined to achieve what you truly want.

Put your focus on the things you want the most in your life. You should be completely clear about your priorities and motives. When you are stubborn about the things you believe in the most, you will not get swayed by negative experiences.

You will not be afraid of failure or get too disappointed with the setbacks you face in the process because you 
know EXACTLY what you want and how you are going to get there.
Apprehensive You: I can’t do this. This is beyond my capabilities. I should quit.
Stubborn You: This isn’t easy, but I will do this. I will make myself better and achieve my goals.
Undoubtedly, you will face many problems and obstacles in your life, but when you are stubborn, you will be able to pave your way through all those roadblocks and develop the tendency to work until you actually reach where you want. You will no longer be intimidated by failure. You’ll only focus on your goals.

Thoroughly consider the future consequences of the actions that you are making right now. Make out a plan of how you are going to achieve your goals and then work accordingly. And, when you are absolutely sure of whatever you want to do, stick to it

Apprehensive You: I have been doing everything that I’m supposed to and I’m still not seeing any results. Why am I even trying? I guess I’m worthless and I should just give up. 
Stubborn You: Okay, this is taking time. Nobody achieves the success they want overnight. Giving up isn’t the solution. If this particular strategy isn’t working, then I will make necessary changes to it. But, I will not give up on my dream.
Always remind yourself why you even started in the first place and why you want it so badly. It certainly takes a lot of work to get over difficult times, but once you do, you’ll come out as a stronger individual. 

Stubbornness gives you the strength to go after the things you want the most in life. You won’t give up easily. 

Don’t mistake stubbornness (in this context) for being completely indifferent and not mending your ways appropriately to suit your surroundings. 

You should be stubborn in achieving your end goals and your dreams. Not in forcing your opinions upon other people. 

You should be stubborn in making yourself a better person. Not in trying to make everyone think like you. 

You should be stubborn in sticking to your ethics and values. Not in being disrespectful about other people’s beliefs.
Apprehensive You: I’m a loser. I will get nowhere in life.
Stubborn You: I’m a doer. I will work hard and do whatever it takes to reach my end goals.
On the days when you feel completely hopeless and feel like giving up, your stubbornness will keep you on track and keep you moving. It will help you to remember why you started and why achieving this particular goal is important to you.

What are your views on this 'two-edged' trait? 

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