On Being Average And Being Intimidated By High Achievers

on being average and being intimidated by high achievers
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I have always been an average person. Never had an extraordinary talent, achievement or anything. And the high achievers gave me the “heebie-jeebies”- the kind who outshine the mass in every field.

I knew such a girl in college. She was good at everything- she scored the highest in every test, she was part of all the major clubs, she was part of every major event; she just excelled in everything. 

I kind of envied her. How can someone be so perfect! I wondered how she managed her time so well and engaged in so many activities. And I on the other hand just barely got through anything I tried. 

Don’t get me wrong I was happy for her; I know she worked really hard to achieve all of that. She deserved it. But I couldn’t just shrug off those feelings of insecurity.

And most of the time, we feel intimidated by such high achievers when:

a) We are not truly proud of ourselves and ignore all the efforts that we put on our journey.

b) We think we are unworthy. We think we would never reach such heights and are incapable to succeed. We 
only focus on the negatives.

Too much intimidation can cause you to give up without even trying. You lose hope because you think you could never match up to their level. By letting yourself be intimidated by someone else and undermining yourself, you are basically establishing the fact that you’re not good enough and you stop yourself from improving yourself further. 

Always remember that no matter what, you should be the last person trying to put yourself down. You should always be your number one fan.

Don’t waste too much time on these futile feelings, for it’s not going to help you in any way. After all, there is always going to be someone better than us, but we should just keep doing our best. Achievement is relative anyway. The person you’re intimidated by might be intimidated by someone else. Or you might be the one intimidating somebody else.

I understand that it can be quite hard to not to get jealous of high achievers and wonder how despite working so hard, you’re not able to get through.  

Sometimes despite our hardest efforts, we don’t achieve the kind of results we want. We end up being in the middle and become average. Yeah well, some people are inherently charismatic and need not do too much work. Some of us are just average and need to work our ass off.

All you can do is to focus on the thing you can change or control – which is Y-O-U. Only yourself. Learn to value yourself and work on making the most of what you already have.

Coming to high achievers, instead of comparing yourself to them and being jealous, try to learn from all the good qualities they have. Get inspired by their hard work. Don’t undermine yourself and your abilities. You are intimidated by them because you are only considering their achievements and highlights and comparing them with your flaws, imperfections and things you don’t have. 

Most of the time we only focus on only the glitz of their achievements and we don’t consider their dull moments. When you get to know those high achievers really closely you wouldn’t be intimidated by them anymore because then you would be looking at the whole thing and not just the glitzy part.

Don’t let the intimidation demotivate you in any way. You keep going your way and do your best.                                   

you are your own hero

High achievements or no high achievements, you are your own hero for trying.

So, have you ever been intimidated by a high achiever in your field? 

Share your experience with me in the comments below. 

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  1. I tell my children this all the time. You need to try your best and be the best that you can be a whatever u want to do.

    1. You're right! We should only focus on our strengths and make the most of it, without worrying about anyone else. Thank you so much so visiting Lisa! :)

  2. The negatives makes us under-achiever. It demoralizes and destabilize and one need to focus on the positive and believe you can achieve anything if he/she put her mind to it.


    1. Absolutely! Nothing good is ever gonna come out of us worrying only about the weaknesses we have. Instead, we should channel our energy into our strengths and work on improving ourselves.
      Thank you for visiting. :)


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