5 Things To Do When Everything Is Annoying

5 Things To Do When Everything Is Annoying
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash
I’m an overall even-tempered and calm person, but lately, I have noticed that I have become more irritable and I sometimes tend to get easily annoyed by little things. 

As a result, I end up saying mean stuff or behaving badly under the influence of anger. In retrospect, I always feel stupid and regret having behaved like that. 

I guess, we all have such bad days when we feel like everyone is out to get us and make us really annoyed. However, staying angry, yelling or slamming doors, won’t help you or anyone around you. 

In fact, it may even aggravate your irritable mood. It is necessary to let go of your annoyed mood before it leads to more bad behavior that will ultimately affect your relationships.

Try to be more mindful and make conscious efforts to calm yourself down whenever you feel very irritable and annoyed.  

Below are some tips that will help you to manage your irritable mood and get back on track again with some positive vibes.

1.Sit back and spend some time alone. 

spend some time alone
Stay quiet for some time and don’t do anything. Get some me time. Resist the urge to direct your frustration at the people around you. When you’re annoyed, you tend to snap at other people, ending up even more annoyed than before. 

Being alone for some time will also help you to get some perspective. You will be able to manage the situation in a better way. 

2. Drink water and eat something healthy. 

water and bananas
Water calms you down and helps with anxiety. So drink plenty of water. Also, eat something healthy. Sometimes hunger can make you more irritable. Eating something nutritious will boost your mood. 

Grab a fruit or cook some fresh vegetables or eat a salad whenever you feel really annoyed by everything around you. Keep fruits like bananas and apples handy (known to improve mood) and whenever you feel like you’re losing your temper, take a time-out and quickly fuel yourself up.

3. Stretch.

It’s super relaxing. Just try the basic moves. Stretching releases muscle tension and increases blood circulation making you feel better than before. 

Stretching takes very little time, but the effects are hugely beneficial.

4. Get going. 

bike ride
Go to the nearest park or a mall. Get yourself a smoothie or a shake and relax for a moment. A change of scenery will help your mind to relax and freshen up your mood. 

I usually take out my bike and go for a ride around my neighborhood. It helps me to clear my mind of all the negative thoughts that make me feel annoyed and miserable.

5.Vent, but in a healthy way.

Start exercising and let out all the aggression. Or clean your house, organize your closet to divert all your negative energy into something productive. Put your mood to some good use. I find this method super helpful. It helps me to channel all my frustration into something useful. 

So the next time you feel extremely annoyed and bothered by even the little things around you, try implementing these 5 tips and I’m sure you will find your mood improved.


  1. Thank you, I needed this, as I've been getting easily annoyed and irritated lately - With people, traffic, work, you name it! And, I need to learn to say no. I want to be able to enjoy the holidays, so I'm going to take some time out now, before things get really busy!

    1. I get you! Saying 'No' has been a lifelong struggle for me :( I hope you're able to get through it. I'm glad I could help you. Thank you so much for visiting :D and Happy Holidays in advance!


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