Why Patience Is The One Of The Best Traits A Person Can Have

why patience is one of the best traits a person can have

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Being impatient in any situation is a sure-fire way to respond negatively and hurting the chances of any positive outcome. Decisions which are taken without much thought and consideration always lead to poor results. 

Impatience leads to regret.

On the other hand, Patience allows you to react positively. Patience leads to coherent thinking. You get better at improving your presence of mind. 

You are living in the present, not in the future or the past; the decisions you take now and the behaviors you instill now, makes all the difference. So it’s very important to invest in yourself by adding healthy habits.

Everyone likes to be around pleasant people, who are happy and give off positive vibes. Although it’s not always easy to be in a calm state of mind in every situation; we all lose our cool from time to time, and that’s perfectly normal. But the times you lose your shit should be way less than the times you are calmer and amiable.

Our mind has so many thoughts running through it daily. When you are impatient and unfocused you can’t put yourself in the right frame to solve a problem correctly. All those thoughts get muddled in your head and they cloud your judgment. Practicing patience allows you to unravel the mess in your brain caused by a stressful situation.

Being a patient individual has a lot of perks. By practicing patience alone, you are developing many other healthy traits in yourself.

When you become a patient person;

1. You are calmer. 

When you are faced with an adverse situation, for e.g. when you are in an argument with someone and you get yelled at, you don’t respond callously. Instead, you keep composure and put across your point calmly. 

You understand that reciprocating in a resentful manner isn’t going to help anyone or solving the problem any sooner. You take your time to observe the situation carefully and consider your options before making a decision.

2. You are happier. 

When you are patient, you are optimistic that good things will happen. You have faith in yourself and others as well. You start focusing on the good traits of other people and you’re able to look beyond people’s mistakes. 

When you are happy, it makes a positive impact on other people around you and they start reciprocating in the same way. Happiness is truly contagious. 

3. You are rational.

You don’t take hasty decisions. You understand the impact a tiny bad decision can have on your life. You don’t cultivate vengeful thoughts in your mind. You know well to distinguish between right and wrong. 

While making important decisions, you don’t get swayed by your emotions, instead, you focus on reason. You give your mind a chance to process the given information properly, before taking any measures.

4. You are less annoyed. 

You don’t get worked up easily. You know how to set boundaries and manage your anger in a healthy way. You don’t unnecessarily fuss or snap at other people. You know when to speak and when to stay silent. 

You don’t try to force things to happen exactly according to your wish. You don’t panic when things go awry. You understand that life is full of unexpected turns, things don’t always go as per your plan and you can only focus on preparing yourself to handle such unexpected and unpleasant situations.

5. You are consistent. 

You are aware of the fact that fulfilling big ambitions and dreams take a lot of time and continuous hard work. You understand that it’s the little positive changes you make every day, which are going to give you multiplied results over time. 

You consistently work hard each day that drives you closer toward your goals, as success lies in consistency and for attaining consistency, you need to be patient.

Patience is directly proportional to consistency. 
Patience leads to consistency and consistency leads to better habits. Good habits become a way of life, making you an overall fulfilled person.

Be patient!