Everyone Is Beautiful But NOT Everyone Is Good Looking

everyone is beautiful but not everyone is good looking

Knowingly or unknowingly we often end up putting too much emphasis on beauty in the context of good looks.
Being beautiful is not the same as being good looking. Being beautiful has a much deeper meaning than just having an attractive face.

We all know this. 

But we just can’t seem to apply it in our lives. The term ‘Beautiful’ should be used for the goodness in someone, their genuine character, and positive thinking. Our thoughts make us who we are. No matter how anyone looks like, it should not be a criterion to judge a person.

Our facial features, hair, teeth, and even body type isn’t in our control; it’s all genetics. We look the way we look. Nothing is going to change that (unless you take drastic measures like surgery, which is not advisable).

We are born with the face we have and it’s going to be like that for the rest of our lives. Although we can enhance our facial features, groom it, but we can’t entirely change it. And THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO.

It's certainly not fair to judge other people on their looks, which is something that is not under their control. 

We almost always judge people on their first impression and that first impression comes from their looks. 

I firmly believe that first impressions aren’t always accurate. 
Some people have good facial features that are considered ‘attractive’ and some don’t. That's totally fine.

It’s okay if you don’t look like a model, the majority of us don’t - it doesn’t matter. Models aren’t the standard, they are extraordinarily good looking and that’s why they are models. Let them be. 

They have good facial features; that’s their USP, you have your own USP and your looks have nothing to do with it.

Everybody is good at something. Some people are more intelligent, some are funnier, some are wittier, some are great orators…the same way some people are better looking than others. 

That’s it. It’s just another human trait like anything else. But more often than not, we end up putting more emphasis on this particular trait than others. 
It shouldn’t be like that.

Move beyond looks.

When someone is unconfident due to their looks, you can make them feel better by putting more emphasis on the other traits that they are good at, instead of telling them they are beautiful, which is always wrongly used in the context of good looks.

On the other hand, when someone compliments you for your good looks, take it wholeheartedly and if you see someone good looking and physically attractive, compliment them on it. That’s it. 'Looks' are just that- the way we look. Don’t make it more than that. People are much more than the way they look.

People who are happy, genuine, and give off positive vibes are truly beautiful. Beautiful is such a pleasant feeling, it should not be associated with the feeling of comparison, jealousy and continuous endless, meaningless efforts for changing your physical appearance.

Shift your focus from beautiful in the context of 'good looks' and move on to beautiful in the context of a 'good human being' who is a motivated and happy individual.

So, when we say everyone is beautiful, it translates into being a person who’s kind, loves themselves and is confident about themselves.

Some people know it’s pointless to judge someone on their physical appearance, but 
unfortunately, some people don’t and that’s their fault. You would know nothing about a person if you just focused on how they looked. More and more people need to understand the true meaning of being beautiful.

You are beautiful, even if you are not good looking.

What are your thoughts on this topic? 

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  1. I completely agree, beauty is definitely someone's heart and soul

    1. Exactly! How we look is not in our control, but the kind of person we thrive to become; that is important.

  2. People are judgemental, and this article is an eye opener. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Unfortunately it's true! I really hope more and more people would just stop giving so much importance to looks. Thank you so much for visiting:)

  3. Your title definitely intrigued me and I loved what you had to say about it! I'm happy society is slowly starting to move away from the 'ideal' look :)

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation Julia!

  4. I know this makes me judgy in a way, but when I see couples made up of one physically attractive person and one not so physically attractive (by 'everyday' standards, I mean), it makes me happy. It makes me think there's something more meaningful at play.

    1. I get you! Often we all get judgy, that's just how it is. But the important thing is realization, that there's more to a person than their physical appearance.


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