7 Things you should do when you’re afraid of being happy

We all have our good moments and bad moments. Our brain tends to amplify the bad experiences and condense the good experiences. We always imagine the worst case scenarios but when it comes to imagining happy situations or enjoying them, we limit ourselves, thinking we would jinx it.
We aim to get better things. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but in the process, we don’t always relish the happiness we have right now.

not afraid of being happy

You tend to think of the good things happening to you as some kind of chance happening or a fluke. You don’t usually believe that it is indeed a part of your life and you deserve it.

Usually thoughts like Is this actually happening? Ok, this happened so that means something bad is coming my way for sure, or this is too good to be true” come to your mind.

You don’t get excited when something good happens because you don’t want to be as sad when something bad happens. Neither the good part nor the bad part is permanent anyway, so why fret over it!
When something bad or embarrassing happens to you, you tend to think about all the past bad experiences that make you even sadder but when something good happens, you become cautious. 

When I close my eyes and try to remember all the happy moments in my life so far, I don’t see many memories but when I want to recount the negative memories it is very easy to do. Our brain mostly remembers the negative experiences. So try to cultivate as many happy emotions as you can.

I have listed 7 habits below that you should follow when you feel happy and avoid being afraid of it anymore:

1. Take beautiful pictures.

Lock in happiness by capturing it. When you’re happy about anything, just take a picture then. The genuine happiness and hope will always motivate you in bad times. When you look back at your childhood photos, you instantly feel the happiness because you weren’t worried about anything else back then. The emotion in the pictures makes you happy.

2. Write happy notes to yourself.

In any pleasant situation, write beautiful handwritten notes to yourself. It could be about how you’re feeling or about the reason that is making you happy, it could be one word or a big paragraph. Just jot down the emotions and collect those notes. It will bring more positivity into your life. It will make you remember all the happy events in your life.

3. Spread your happiness.

Encourage others. Use your good mood to inspire other people. A genuine positive compliment can have a major impact on someone else. We are more susceptible to negative comments than positive ones. So try to help and inspire others with your positive vibes.

4. Tell yourself that you deserve it.

We always congratulate others when they achieve something, why not do that to yourself? Tell your inner critic to give it a rest and let the happy moments sink in. Stop apprehending and doubting yourself, and compliment yourself when you achieve something good.

5. Celebrate your happiness no matter how petty the reason might seem. 

Celebrate the little joys. Don’t wait around for something big to happen. 'Big things' never happen all at once. It’s always a long process. Instead, embrace all the little joys you find on the way. Those will add up. Treat yourself.

6. Live in the moment.

Don’t think about the troubles you have. Our mind gets flooded with so many thoughts every day, and we get so worked up, that we don’t give time to acknowledge the things that actually matter. Try to have a positive outlook and don’t focus on negative experiences so much.

7. Let people around you- your friends and family celebrate with you.

Make your friends and family a part of your celebration. They help you through your bad times, so make them cherish the happy times with you.

Being happy is a state. Choose to be happy. Tell yourself that you deserve it. You will have to deal with bad experiences anyway. So try to cherish all the happy moments you experience. Because frankly, you don’t get a lot of them. 

Bad experiences should make you want to save those good moments, not ruin it. Being harsh on yourself will not improve anything, rather encouraging yourself to be more content will increase your chances of being happier.

Let the world see the better, exuberant version of you.