The 5 S's you do when you have slow internet

things you do when you have slow internet
Photo by Rayi Christian Wicaksono on Unsplash We are dependent on the internet. Everything we do is linked to the internet. We can’t even imagine our lives without the internet now.
Almost everything is online these days. Shop, book tickets, study, work, date, sell, buy, socialize, explore, earn money, play, and the list is increasing every day. 

Everybody loves the benefits and opportunities the internet has to offer. The experience is especially amusing when you have full bars of Wi-Fi signal. Your work gets done swiftly, the movies load smoothly, and your stunning vacation picture album gets uploaded in a couple of minutes only.

Life seems awesome…….until;

One particular day when you happen to have an important email to send, or a deadline to finish a project, or make a really important skype call- the internet just seems sick on that day.

It feels even worse than having no internet because you can see a few bars of Wi-Fi signal which gives you some hope that your work could be done, but those few bars make you crazy when you realize the internet is painfully slow.

You try everything to make things better-checking the router, restarting the computer a dozen times, troubleshooting, but nothing seem to work. You realize you have to deal with this inconvenience anyway and you end up doing the 5S’s-

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You just stare at the screen, hoping for a miracle. You murder the reload button. You try to convince yourself, that you’re a patient individual, but the throbber just makes you furious. You feel powerless.

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You get pissed and start sulking. “OH GOD WHY! Why is this happening to me! Why does this happen when I have an important presentation to make. I have to submit this really important mail. This attachment is just 109 KB, yet is taking a shed-load of time to upload. The internet is so slow I could have taken a trip to Mars and came back in the meantime.”

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Your bad mood gets worse. Your vocabulary of slang suddenly feels top-notch. Oh, what the f**k! This internet connection is so f**k*d up! This laptop is a piece of sh**! Everything in this world is sh**! Damn it! This is so #@!*$@! $**#*% this!!!

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You give up and take a nap. Hoping that when you wake up, the internet will magically be faster. But to your horror, it’s still effing slow.

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5.Suck it up
You realize there are a lot of unpleasant things you have to take care of and this is one of them. There’s nothing you can do.

Life is giving you lemons. So you may as well make that lemonade and sip it verrrrryyyyy slowly and watch your even slower internet take double the time to do your work.

What’s your experience with slow internet like? 

Share in the comments below and let me know what you do to calm yourself when you get restless due to a slow internet connection.


  1. This is so TRUE! haha I love it!

  2. This is so me, except number 4, instead of sleeping I start cleaning the house. :D

    1. Hah! That's a pretty good alternative! :D

  3. Hilarious and true! I mostly do #3, then take it as a sign I need to flee the house immediately.

    1. Hahaha Sometimes I do that too. Thanks for visiting :)

  4. Haha this is great! Love the South Park picture! I myself skip 1 and 2 and go straight to 3 and never make it to 4 & 5. Just lots and lots of number 3!!


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