12 Thoughts Every Girl has While Brushing Unmanageable Hair

thoughts every girl has while brushing unmanageable hair
Oils, serums, gels, hair sprays, mousses, foams, pomades, waxes, hair styling treatments, hair masks, different types of brushes and combs, hair tools; there are a gazillion number of products you use on your hair. While they do make your wild frizzy hair smooth for a particular period of time, but when you stop using them, your hair goes back to being overly wild and frizzy. No matter whatever you do to get rid of the pesty tangles and knots, they always come back like that one annoying uninvited guest who shows up to make your day miserable. 

So many girls deal with unmanageable hair every day. You spend so much money, time and effort to tame your wild frizzy hair, but nothing seems to work. And brushing unmanageable hair is an everyday struggle that I’m sure many of you will relate to. Here is a list of 12 thoughts that come to your mind while you wrestle with your hair to make it more manageable-

1.Ugh, this mess! Hair all over the place. How come few thin strands of hair could create this kind of mess!
2.My fingers are jammed!
3.My hair is a poof ball! That expensive hair product that guaranteed frizz-free hair is useless. I spent so much on that sh**t.
4.Oh, hair! I do so much for you and this is how you pay me back!
5.I need to get a trim. But wait, I just got one last month!
6.I don’t want to cut it short. It took so long to grow my hair to this length.
7.I have to put it in a braid AGAIN! 

8. AAH the breakage. I’m going bald!!!
9.Damn it. This brush. Where is my wide tooth comb?

10.My arms hurt so much. Well, at least I’m getting a good arm workout. 
11.Ugh, this is taking longer than usual.
12.Phew! Yay. Tangle-free hair. Finally! Until the next morning. Nay.

Well, despite all the struggle you are always willing to go the extra mile for your lovely locks. In the end, it’s all worth it.

What’s your experience with brushing unmanageable hair like? Share with me in the comments below.
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